Kondalilla Eco Resort

Kondalilla Eco Resort

Kondalilla is an aboriginal word meaning ‘rushing waters’. This Sunshine Coast Hinterland eco resort has over 20 cabins scattered amongst 20 acres of magnificent rainforest, adjacent to and a short walk to the famous Kondalilla Falls. Guests will experience secluded and romantic rainforest isolation with comfort and cosiness.

Resort manager Jacqui Freeman wanted to show off all aspects of the eco resort and to gain as much online exposure as possible. Real View Image, along with Jacqui, decided to create both a Google Street View Trusted virtual tour and a Custom virtual tour. This decision gives the resort more exposure through Google, as well as, via the Custom Tour, being able to show all of the resort’s facilities while keeping the costs as low as possible.

The Custom Tour consists of two panoramas per cabin which is ideal to show the main features of the cabins as well as the beautiful rainforest location. Each cabin has its own mini tour which is displayed on their website via drop-down menus.

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